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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Down more than 10 pounds!

The body by Vi shakes continue to amaze me.  They taste great, much better than Slim-Fast, Boost or Ensure.  They're soy-based so they don't make me break out in hives (I'm allergic to milk).  Yesterday I took one in the morning, ate leftover meatloaf and funeral potatoes for lunch, planned on having a shake for supper (more on that later) but Mom and Barb made Sweet and Sour chicken over rice for supper and I just couldn't pass that up.  So with only one shake yesterday I still dropped another pound (366.4) and am down over 10 pounds so far!  Yay!
I got to thinking about it, our pioneer fore bearers (and the Amish today) used to eat a big breakfast, then an even larger lunch, then a very small supper.  (Yes, I know and lots of physical exercise / manual labour)  But the point isn't the amount of calories they were burning (something like 5-6000), is the timing and size of the meals.  So I am going to try a shake in the morning, eat my solid meal in the middle of the day and have a shake for supper in which I use the Vi-Trim packet that suppresses my appetite where I need it most, at night.  I get serious growlies at night and feel like I'm starving, so maybe this will help.
I just threw a roast in the oven for tonight, I'm trying something out, if it works out, I'll share the recipe with you tomorrow.

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