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Monday, July 18, 2011

Almost 6 Pounds in 1 week.

That's not bad, is it?  A pound a day, more or less?  I weighed myself and was 371.2 this morning after a disastrous weekend.  I have good friends up and we went out to Boston Pizza and I had the Boston Brute with meat sauce on the side with french fries.  Even on Sunday I didn't quite stick with things like I should have and I'm still down a pound from Friday.  Maybe this Body by Vi shake thing is working.

It's a multi-level marketing thing, which totally puts me off.  But the stuff is made with soy instead of milk products so I can have it whereas I can't do Boost, Ensure, or Slim-Fast.  They give you the metabolism boosters, appetite suppressants and multivitamins for much less money than some of those herbal places.  So use me as your guinea pig, see if this works before signing up.

But it seems to be working so far.  Considering I keep loosing weight even though I can't seem to stick to the diet.  Mr. HaveNoWillpower here.

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